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A Hammer & Sand. 


The sea shined emerald and and silver,  motionless with tiny small splashes where waves wanted to be.  There were few people already lying on the beach,  locals sprawled out in adequate distances from each other unspoken invisible fences with do not disturb signs. “Fuck my feet are burning”. I said. - “ why don’t you have sandals? “  She asked- “ A man who wears sandals in public might as well be castrated.” I responded.  She laughed knowing perfectly quite well I was speaking about her ex boyfriend. Some Jack Johnson looking fuck from Venice beach with a implied  fake sense of danger because he drove a motorcycle in L.A.  Sons of Douchbags, I would call him every time she would bring up some episode of her previous life that I had no interest in.  She was just there this week maybe next but eventually she would be another memory.

We started walking down the yellow rock with it’s years of sandals, bear feet & coolers dragged carving a rugged path.  We reached the bottom and without hesitation she took off her shorts and shirt revealing her soft but marble stone like body firm in all the right places and soft to make her feel human.  The sun was shining directly over head it was hot and blinding with my freshly bald head experiencing light for the first time, tender and exposed. Exposed for the fact that I was now an old man now. Not the young man that laid on the same sand 15 years ago every afternoon after high school and where I experience my first girlfriend’s skills in oral sex.

She started running her body moving in perfect perpetual motion of utter sex.  She reached the water and in one solid motion she dove underneath the crest of the waves. Lost for a second only to emerge glistening, radiant looking back at me smiling and motioning to come in. “ She your girlfriend”? a stranger sitting five feet in a makeshift hole in the sand, a perfect beach chair a trick only a beach bum would know. “No” I responded - “ Is she with you”? He asked. “ Sorta”  Knowing exactly what I meant by sort of. “ A woman like that comes into a
man’s life only to make him feel he’s alive and that there is a god only to curse him.” He said in a quiet cadence.

Mark Everything has been figured out, except how to live.